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    Adam Ridland

      Adam Ridland- Home Studio

      Location: Glasgow Scotland

      Bio: I have spent a total of three years building this studio and I am proud of what I've achieved so far, right now I do Mixing and Mastering in the home studio but can take my interface, laptop, headphones, microphones etc to o location recording which I have previously done. I am a new studio and I have worked with only a few musicians including Shattered Glass, Erin at Eleven, Caitlin Pender (CaitSings) and I have done post-production work for an indie animation studio called Rogue Studios and I hope to continue this to the future.

      DAW: Pro-Tools 2019, Ableton Suite and Studio One Artist

      Genres: Rock, Pop, Metal, Classical, EDM and Folk.

      Studio List

      Pre-Sonus 1810C USB audio interface
      Pro-Tools 2019
      Ableton Live Suite
      Studio One Artist
      Laptop - 16Gb Ram (Not sure about the rest)
      Zoom H5 Handheld Recorder
      Pre-Sonus FP16 Control Surface

      Fabfiter Pro C, L, Q^3, Timeless delay,
      ERA4 Collection,
      Waves- SSL 4000 Collection, OVOX, Abbey Road Plates and Sat
      Kontact 11,
      iZotop Vinyl and Ozone 8,
      TR5 Collection,
      Vocaloid 5,

      M-Audio BX5's
      Roland RH5's (Headphones)
      Focusrite Scarlett (Headphones)
      Audio-Technica ATH M50X (Headphones)

      sE2200a II Multipattern Condensor
      NT5 Pair Condensor Microphones
      H5-Stereo (Handheld)
      Focusrite Scarlett Condensor
      Sub-Zero 7 piece Drum mics

      Alesis V49 Midi Keyboard,
      Yamaha Porta-Sound,
      Paul N Upright Piano.

      Drums and Percussion
      WHD electric Drum-kit
      Zildjian ZBT Cymbals

      Other Instruments:

      Gears4Music Bass (I know)
      Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar
      Studnet Cello

      In terms of what I have my eyes on equipment-wise, Defienlty upgrading from a laptop to PC, Investing into some better drum mics specifically the Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 maybe a D112 and lastly upgrading to a Focusrite Clarett 8pre


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