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      Hallo meine lieben Liebenden,
      since my original mixing room is now used for recording I had to go into a smaller room with a staircase behin me.
      It is absolute not optimal but I cannot affort to rent a bigger house or to take the living room away from family. 🙂

      I decided to have a temporary solution in place which can easily Setup and move to a storage room after mixing "important" Projects.

      Bought rockwool from an DIY-Market and packet them in 5 cartons (1,20m, 0,60m x 0,60m). For the reflections and higher frequencies I bought basotect absorber.

      The result is NOT professionel but in my view better than before.
      The 2 KHz area is still a Problem. For this I will buy basotect 5cm

      5 packages roockwool 70,00 Euro
      5 cartons 20,00 Euro
      6x basotect 1,0m x 0,5m x 0,010m = 100 Euro

      Please find attached. Measurement before and after.

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        yes, definitely an improvement 🙂

        You got any fotos of your absorbers?

        Cris Christopher Libranda

          Would love to from you how to do DIY.

          Bojan Zdolšek

            I did allmost the same. It's better then it was but bass is still killing me... so I'm going for a diaphragmatic absorbers next year hoppefully to tame some bass issues. trial and error. Measure and .... I own a old house which I could turn into some good sounding room but ... there is always a but ...:) if you have an acoustican friend iz my help you .. i would post photos of absorbers I have made but I cannot post any photos ... or don't know how..

            Anita Potter

              We used to be able to do attachments and upload to the forum but that doesn't look like we can do that anymore (which leads me to believe that's why all the attached images disappeared when they revamped the site).

              Your image will need to be hosted somewhere that you can link to. I just tried with Google Drive and it didn't work so some kind of file hosting that allows the image extensions like jpg png gif should work.

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