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      I'm about to record a (soft) rock song driven by a repeating strumming acoustic guitar. Lots of open string but also notes on the high e string.
      So the position of the mic changes the sound dramatically.

      I need to change the panning throughout the song depending on the the amount of other instruments.

      How would you record the acoustic guitar ( Taylor) ?

      Those mics are available: 2x Oktava Mk012, 1x Aston Origin, 1x Rode NT1


        without hearing the song it would be hard to say

        if i had too guess any part where the acoustic is by itself, in and intro or outro breakdown bridge ect i would record stereo..separate pass
        then make mono recording for denser parts of the song

        how does the room sound can you afford to get some distance from the player ...harder to get guitar to sit in a dense mix
        maybe post the demo?
        im sure there are people here could give you some great strategies

        Tim Morris

          Ok so with my Taylor I record a direct signal 2 times then pan L/R about 50% each, then I will set up a pair of matched Rode NT5 about 300mm away, and then pan those slightly less.

          Like this...;-)



              the intro and rakes are a Gibson j-200 di only...just saying

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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