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      I have been using Ableton Live since version 5 and I think there is no better tool for songwriting.

      Midi integration, looping, simplified arrangement and session views...for pre-production and messing with arrangements its been a godsend. I just found out that TW Walsh from Pedro the Lion/Mastering Engineer has been using Ableton the same way for just as long.

      Sometimes when you have an artist thats stuck in a rut with songwriting, transferring the ideas into Ableton and being able to manipulate and warp sounds can be very inspiring.

      Anyone here use Ableton the same way? Maybe pre productionin Live then dump everything into PT for editing?

      Andrew (AKA Ajay)


        I've been using Ableton since it came out and I too use it as a songwriting tool. Actually, for most of the demo's I do, I track and mix in ABLETON. I love the audio to MIDI functions and most of the "in the box" audio effects. I used to use Ableton through rewire to Protools but I'd say now I use both 50/50.

        As a drummer primarily, it's great to set up a heap of ideas and trigger off the clips using my Roland TD-30 and record the results.

        I love hearing from others who use Ableton, I'm happy to share info and tips too.

        Whats your favourite feature in Ableton and have you ever done a full mix using only Ableton?


          Hey ajay!

          When I've been on a deadline, or a songwriting client needs something fast, I've exported or printed mixes in ableton that make it into the real world. I don't like mixing a song that someone else recorded in Ableton, because I feel like they weren't in the Live mindset when they recorded, there's no benefit. If it's a Live session then I would consider it I guess.

          I agree with you Abletons power is expounded for drummers. Triggering, midi editing, and just being able to host twos or more drum libraries at a time is worth the price of admission and just seems intuitive. It's a nightmare most of the time with other daws.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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