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    Magnus Emilsson


      Just because I decided to mix it using stock plugins I might as well share the process for anyone using Ableton Live. It's all stock plugins, but you do need M4L to get the drum reverb, but I think that's the only plug that requires anything other than the standard version.

      Here's the project:

      /Magnus Emilsson

      Jose Rosas

        Hey Magnus,

        Thank you so much! This helps me a lot. Would you be up to doing a Zoom call sometime? I am an independent Indie Rock Artist and I am trying to mix in Ableton, maybe we could exchange some points of view. As I also really enjoyed the track you mixed.


        All the best!



        Magnus Emilsson

          Hello Jose!

          That should be possible to arrange, send me a private message here on PLAP.

          I also have a few YouTube videos that shows a bit of how I work in Ableton, though maybe not every detail.




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          Lasse D. W. Fobian

            Hi Magnus. Thank you for sharing your mix using only Ableton stock plugins. I have been wondering what it would be like. I've using Ableton for around 2 years now, and have been curious how good comparing to other DAW's stock plugins.

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