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    Mark Warner

      With Reapers great ability to generate sub groups using "Folder", in Reaper it is quite easy to set up an A/B reference and switch between the two. In fact you can set up A / B/ C / D/ infinitum if you wish without a plugin.

      Reaper allows tracks to be "folders", "tracks" or "last track in a folder" by selecting the little folder icon to the right of the track details (in Track view), or put it it another way, to the left of the wave graphic where the track number is. Clicking on that folder icon cycles through the "Track is..." options.

      I set the master bus to 0 db and remove all master bus processing. Then add another track at the top of the track view, I name this "Master Bus" and make it a folder. Add back any master bus processing to this new master bus. All other tracks and folders below this then become a sub to the group "Master Bus" which automatically routes the the original Master Bus now set at 0 db.

      All reference tracks are added as track items above the new "Master Bus" folder, so they are outside the "Master Bus" group but inside the original master bus. All reference tracks are then muted. Relative volumes are set using the track volume sliders for each Reference track so that when you switch tracks the volume remains constant.

      So with the "Master Bus" bus group unmuted I am listening to the current mix, if I go and click on "Solo" on a reference track (leave mute still muted - Solo overides the track even if track is muted) , immediately you will mute the current mix and hear the solo'd reference track. You can add as many references as you like using this method and audition all of them.

      Note: If you use the "folder" option in Reaper a lot like I do, then be aware that as you add groups within groups, the number of options for the "Last Track in Folder" option increases. You need to be especially careful that you set the "Last Track in Folder" to be the last track of the right folder. Is not easy but looking at the how the tracks display position changes as you cycle through gives you a visual clue.
      Also be aware that soloing a reference track, if you have active solo's in to mix will not knock them out. So it is better to get into the habit of muting those tracks you don't want to hear rather than soloing the many tracks you do want to hear.

      I have attached a screenshot to help visualise my description above.

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