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    Joshua Rodrigue

      Hey everyone. So, I'm looking to upgrade from my entry level AT2035 to mic in the 600 to 900 dollar range. My choices are a Lauten LA-320, Warm Audio WA-47, Neumann TLM 102, or the Mojave MA-201fet. I am a male, with a baritone/tenor range. I'm looking something that isn't too harsh. I like a lot of vintage gear so that inspired my choices somewhat. I know any of these will be a major upgrade from what I have. Any help is appreciated!

      Tim Black

        hi Joshua

        Mics I find are an interesting conversation as it is so personal to our selves as we are all very different to each other. my mic collection is very live music based at moment and have microphones that are on band riders rather than what I prefer. (at the moment lol) I have been doing as much reading and video watching to see what and how I want to add to my mic locker for my new studio.

        my self I have had an eye on warm audio but resonantly had a sparkle for Lauten audio and lewitt.

        I know I will end up with a mix of all 3 so to have a choice for flavour of sound but I think I will end up with a LAUTEN LA-320 but with the discount you get here with lewitt I really fancy the lewitt lct940 and though warren you get 60% off $1700 and that makes it a fantastic deal

        check out the deals through here as it throws a spanner in the works to getting a very high end mic for a cost effective price

        Jim Kanter

          Josh, you might consider renting the mics you are considering before committing to buying one. Also consider the excellent JZ line.

          Are you open to buying used? That opens up a lot more possibilities.

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