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    Axel Bezzi

      Hi everybody,
      it's probably 8/9 mixes that I've started adding a rev plugin (Waves H-Reverb) on the Mix-Bus set to 5% and just before my Ozone 6 Mastering Plugin (yes, I do "master" directly on the 2 Bus for convenience). Is it a really odd thing or it can be done? I'm finding myself to use less of a reverb on single tracks (except when needed for the sake of the sound I'm searching for) and even more on the Mix-Bus.

      I'm totally ITB and this is my usual chain:

      Gain (trim)
      SSL Comp / API 2500
      Pultec EQ
      J37 Tape
      Reverb 5%

      Side note: I remember Ozone used to have a Rev-section up to version 5 so basically I'm trying to replicate it.

      What are you thoughts about that? I don't feel like I'm ruining my mixes, instead I can feel more "depth" and "width".

      Thank you in advance!


      Arthur Labus

        Good question. Never tried reverb on master, even if i am making real second step and "master" bounced track.
        Think it's a question of genre. Finally, if it sounds "better" with reverb - why not ?

        Axel Bezzi

          i still have to decide wether if i like it or not...anyway seems not to make any major disaster!

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          Cris Sabater Sabater

            Hi Axel, I have not used a reverb on the stereo buss but that is not to say that it should not be done! We are involved in art and as such art has no boundaries and if there are rules there they are there to be broken! Personally I tend to use reverbs on aux channels associated with a group of channels that need that kind of treatment. Drums are usually something I would do this with. I get your idea and I presume you are trying to convey the feeling that everyone tracking is in the same room. I think that perhaps an even smaller amount than 5% will work also can I ask do you use an EQ after the reverb? If not I would try it as even with small amounts of reverb on the stereo buss you may find the some mud enters the mix due to the nature of reverb. Using high pass and low pass filters at both ends of the EQ will help to cancel out any potential problems there. Happy mixing mate! Cheers. 🙂

            Axel Bezzi

              Hi Cris, thanks for your reply! I do use eq and compression on my reverb and feel happy about the settings I use for my Stereo Bus...anyway I still continue to send different tracks to different REV busses and even to use rev on single tracks as well 🙂

              I'm still developing my taste on Reverb (I don't like it so much, I'm more a Delay Guy)!

              Thanks again and happy mixing too!

              Cris Sabater Sabater

                Hi Axel,
                Yes I tend to use delay more than reverb these days but a neat trick you can use it to put overdrive before reverb on a buss and then EQ to taste mate. Of course you won't add a lot just bring enough in adjusting the fader to taste but it can make a big difference. It also depends on what material you use it on but Rock, Metal, Hip Hop and EDM all take this kind of treatment well depending on what source you put it on. Worth a try mate! Cheers. 🙂

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