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    Mark Warner

      Hi Warren / everyone, I have been looking out for some free VSTs to add to my collection that could help me try some of the techniques in videos here at Produce Like a Pro. I needed a Delay that could have the left and right times unlinked and set independently for use with Dynamic Delay. I found a collection of 3 VST plugins (32 and 64 bit) on the Leslie Sanford web page which all seem to be very good so I thought I would share them with you all. They are:

      Sanford Delay: A very nice fully featured delay that is controllable and delicate
      Sanford Reverb: Also nice with independant control of 3 early reflections (left, right, time and pan)
      Sanford Bass Tightener: A use full plugin that allows frequencies below a threshold to be mono while preserving the stereo pan of the higher frequencies

      The web page does not give much information so I was really surprised how good these were when I got them into my DAW. As I am not a Pro Tools user I don't know if these work in Pro Tools,sorry.

      The link is here:

      Have fun - Mark

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