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      Hi folks!
      I´ve got a scarlett 2nd gen since last year and I´m quite happy with it. But something is missing in the sound.
      Also I miss a second symmetrical line out.
      Tried to upgrade with a Fredenstein VAS MicPre. Sounding great but I need more than one pre (mostly two).
      I used to have a Audient ID22 a few years ago and I remember the the pristine sound (especially the headphone amp!).

      Would you recommend going back to the Audient with its already built in discrete preamps?
      Is the difference in the converters audible? 118 db dynamic range vs 108 db?
      Or invest in better preamps?

      I record: acoustic guitars, vocals, choirs, electric guitars. Home studio and mobile.
      The singers would benefit from some compression and reverb.

      I need Vst synth and guitar sims also. My solution for bad latency always was a Yamaha THR5 for monitoring and recording the di seperately...but for 2017?

      Sorry, if this is a dumb question....

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