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      I've been considering getting a restored 1/2" tape machine to add to my setup. This machine would primarily be to print mixes as well as be used in the mastering process if necessary (ie, customer sends me a 1/2 tape or pays extra to have the mix printed to tape). This would obviously be something I would have to charge extra for due to the setup and cost of tape. I do currently have the ability to properly integrate this in to my system, so that shouldn't be an issue.

      I guess the question I have is, does anyone else work this way or integrate tape in to their process?

      From a business perspective it's kinda scary because only ATR is making tape, so if they decide to stop or go out of business that's it. I will say that I've kind of seen a bit of a renaissance with customers and gear lately. I think the pendulum is swinging back a bit, not that it will every fully come back (or even that it should). There are some people that miss the studio experience and gear you can touch regardless of tangible benefits. They feel more inspired and that to me is worth it.

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