Academy Dashboard Forum Production Mixing Mono or Stereo Group? Reply To: Mono or Stereo Group?

Rick Daniel

    For me: Each kick track outputs to a (kick)mono bus. That mono bus is the input for a aux kick track that outputs to a stereo (drums) bus.
    Same way for the snare. you can also blend in samples into your snare or kick aux


    Why this way?

    most likely you will treat gain,eq,comp, output level etc.  different for each kick mic and then blend to the aux kick channel.  Aux kick channel will handle further treatment and panning. I usually pan center for kick and slightly left for snare(not a rule).  Some treatment may be stereo at this point like reverbs or delays.  That’s why the aux(s) output to a stereo drum bus.
    My drums aux channel input is drums bus.

    I use this method because it gives me more control at different levels of the signal chain.

    I know this didn’t address the guitar portion of your question, but I didn’t wanna ramble on too much.