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Loren Knight

    I have Studio One 3 and am just starting to learn this new DAW. My previous experience with pitch correction is with IL Newtone and it's not bad at all. But I was excited to know that I'd have access to Melodyne in S1 v3.

    THEN I ATTENDED IMSTA FESTA LA yesterday. I won the four o-clock raffle. The lady started listing software I'd never heard of before and then she said "...Molodyne Editor, or..." I didn't let her finish. "Melodyne, yeah. I take that." I didn't even think for a second.

    So yeah, I won a full license to Melodyne Editor 4. Now I'm just deciding if I should just do the standard license or if I should now finally give in and go with an iLok license. With an iLok I can also go ahead and check out Slate's free Virtual Rack software. I don't know. The thought of an iLok makes me grit my teeth.