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    Hi Styxer,

    tough question. Never had the chance to investigate the web further about it but I think I should as sometimes Clients ask for a specific instrument which I can't personally play or I don't feel like sequencing in midi (see banjos, mandolin, harp ect..). Here at our "lab" we usually do serve online clients providing both acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars and vocals as we have resident players available but we haven't thought about promoting it. It just happens thanks to the word-to-mouth thing.

    I guess your question calls for a side-thread regarding "How to satisfy Client's demand for online session's player".

    I gotta say Pro Tools 12.5 made things a lot easier collaboration-wise but once you get there it's hard to find or sort players by instrument they play" ... yet...

    Have a great day. 😉

    Alex & Robert