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George Storey

    Me too. I already had the Mixbus and found it to be quite good. The 32C version is even better with a real pedigree of classic recordings such as Thriller and Queen being mixed on the board. I was blown away by how good raw drum tracks sound compared to my current Logic Pro X. The transients on the 32c are well contained and the high end is much more musical and present than Logic is. Logic is down right dull sounding in comparison. The EQ on the 32C is very musical and it doesn't take too much to get a really useful sound. I like the fact that the EQ, Compressor, and Limiter are on each channel strip to start with so you don't have to add them as plugins. They do need to do some work on how plugins are handled in that I have some that are a little clunky in manipulation. I understand that it is being worked on. The biggest thing for me is how analog it sounds from the start: I feel like I am working with tape again and cannot recommend it enough.The price is right too.