OK - lets use Arthurs fabulous drum track as the starting point.

    I am officially naming A as the Rock and Rollest of all keys (NOT D minor - which as we all know is the saddest of all keys - insert other 'Tap references at will) and therefore king of the blues.

    Any style, lurics, no lyrics do waht you want as long as it is straight 12 bars format.

    You can post mixes and/ or stems - whatever - so we can get some hybrid colaboration/ individual stuff going on.

    Once you have a piece for the collage I will knit it together with the others and probably have some sort of daft vocal intro to say who has submitted it.

    This might die on it's arse but lets give it a go.

    On another note - I have asked Obi-Warren for his favourite Queen track and also took the liberty of emailing a certain bushy haired guitar player to see if he might want to get involved for a laugh - I await replies from both !

    Later Dudes