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Chris Kersey

    Jason, composition wise I think it's a great piece of work. Mix wise, I'd like more oomph / separation from the bass guitar on that kick - the kick definition is there, but the only low end I'm feeling is coming from the bass guitar which occupies a lot of space down there. I'd try to bring out some of the lower frequencies of the kick, and carve out those same low frequencies from the bass guitar so the "punch" of the kick isn't hidden behind the bass guitar.

    Your cymbals could come up - I'd almost like them to be more crisp as well as it seems like a lot of the highs on those are missing - no sizzle.

    Relatively speaking, I'd pull the snare down maybe 2db? the kick low lows up, but the kick mids/down if that makes sense. The cymbals I'd bring up. The guitars are I think fine, but you wanna make sure all the instruments are perceivable and those cymbals are nearly not.

    Are you using a reference track for your work?