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    Sorry this is so late. Joined up a week or 2 ago and just now saw your question. I have never used an RME product, but I just bought and started using the Audient ID22 and will tell you that I am very happy with it. I started going through my older material using the Audient, and now I can hear why the old mixes weren't translating so well. Prior to this I was using a Digidesign HD192. So the conversion quality is excellent and a step up from what I was using before, IMO. (It actually pains me to say that.) Besides the conversion quality, the capabilities of the Audient are perfect for my purposes. I record only myself, so I only need one channel for tracking in. I have a fair amount of outboard that I like to use as well. So now I have my outboard hooked to a patchbay. My ID22 is hooked into it too. So now it's easy to pick the mic, pre, compressor, EQ I want to use on the way in, try differeet combinations, etc. You can bypass the preamps on the ID22 and use a pair of sends/returns to send audio out of your DAW, through outboard and back in again. I use that capability for my mix bus, where I like to mix through a pair of Distressors. Depending on your needs, this is a great box for the money. Underpriced in my opinion.