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Guido tum Suden

    It is a lot about experience, but you can help it along.

    When I studied music theory I wasn't very good at the ear training stuff, but I played in a Top-40 Band at the same time and we rehearsed one new song almost every week. Since that was before the www, I had to pick out all the keyboards to play them. Even today with the internet you would have to do the same, because usually you wouldn't find a song on all these chords an tabs pages with four correct chords in a row. 😉

    My best ear training was when I conducted a choir for seven years. Since I was almost the only one who could read score I had to sing all four or five voices to teach the choir. After a few years I mainly sang directly from score.
    Even if you don't have the opportunity to conduct a choir, it's very important to sing the notes when doing ear training. You will learn intervals much, much faster that way.

    A good starting point is to play a note (in comfortable singing range) on any instrument and then sing that note straight away. Wait a moment and then go for a completely different note. Don't just sing along while playing.