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Jared Sherman

    I got to use an SSL 4080 E quite a bit several years ago when I interned at a pretty nice studio (in case anyone doesn't know, 4000 is the model, the 80 is the number of channels). It was a lot of fun to use for sure. The recall is terrible though; I remember doing recalls of sessions - it took easily over an hour to dial everything back in on that sucker. I did hybrid mixing then in a pretty similar setup to what Warren uses now. We used it for mixing a lot, but we never liked to use the mic preamps on it. The entire console is filled with ICs, which is fine, but that's not generally the best thing for a mic preamp to be completely based on when you want to add a lot of gain. They work fine but when you have other better outboard mic pres to patch in then the outboard options easily win. Regardless, the feel of a big console is definitely an experience that every aspiring audio engineer should experience at least once.