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Jared Sherman

    "Work/Life Balance"

    You mentioned that you work roughly 15 hour days, every day, and have not taken a vacation in a long time (until two weeks ago I believe?), but you have a family as well.

    I also have a family, and I am working full time as a software engineer making pretty good money, and at the same time, I run live sound for a church on Sundays plus I am wanting to start my own production/composition/mixing/mastering business on the side. I made a probably less than wholehearted attempt at a music career years ago, where I did actually get to intern at a major studio, but eventually I just went back to school and received a Masters in Computer Engineering. However, I just can't stop obsessing about music.

    Really I would love to be able to eventually just work in music and have a business where I do any combination of produce/compose/mix/master/design audio software/firmware/hardware, and the hours required to head that direction add up - hours I am happy to put in - but add a wife and a 1-year old son to the equation and it just becomes more difficult.

    To the questions, how do you manage to juggle all the things you do and make it all work? Or is it still a constant struggle for you? Do you have any other advice for someone in a situation such as mine?