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      Warren will be doing an Academy Q&A on 4/13/16 at 9:30 am PDT (Click here for local time)

      When we are live, he Q&A will be available on Google Hangouts here

      You can pre-submit your questions below

      Update: Watch the video here


        Hey, Warren!

        I hear a lot that music industry has changed in past few years and it's in crisis, but on the other hand, nowadays it's the best time to make music because You can be on the same distribution platform as industries superstars. This whole crisis is because labels aren't making a whole lot of money as they used to right? New generations will buy less and less cd's so someday smart people will probably find a way to make digital music distribution work (to generate more income). It's hard to specify my question, but basically, how do You see near future for independent artists? What to focus on as an artist developer?

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        Jared Marsden

          Hey Warren,

          My question is wrt moving to LA. Since the old system of working your way up through the studio system is gone, as you have mentioned, would it be better to get to LA as soon as possible or would it be better to polish ones skills to some extent before moving?



            Extremely impressed with PLAP and your ability to teach. Best I've seen. Here's my question: My main recording rig is a ProTools HD2 running on a Mac G5. It won't run anything past version 7. For a number of reasons, I want to upgrade to PT 12, and I have a current Mac Pro that will run it. When I first got into PT, I had to have a 192 to run it. I need to buy a replacement interface to run PT 12. At first I was looking at 16 channel interfaces but I'm starting to think that's unnecessary. Couldn't I just make do with a good quality 2 channel interface, say an Apogee Duet, and supplement it with a good quality patchbay? I only ever record one thing at a time anyway, and only use a hardware insert on the 2Bus during mixdown. So no harware on more than 2 channels at any given time during tracking and mixing. Most of my studio investment is in higher end outboard gear like Manley, Crane Song, Mercury--several preamps and stereo and mono compressor units. I don't think I need to spend thousands on a converter if I can have a good signal coming in to a good 2 channel converter through a quality patchbay. I guess I've been conditioned to think I need a lot of channels, but that's not really true for a singer/songwriter recording himself is it?

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            Jared Sherman

              "Work/Life Balance"

              You mentioned that you work roughly 15 hour days, every day, and have not taken a vacation in a long time (until two weeks ago I believe?), but you have a family as well.

              I also have a family, and I am working full time as a software engineer making pretty good money, and at the same time, I run live sound for a church on Sundays plus I am wanting to start my own production/composition/mixing/mastering business on the side. I made a probably less than wholehearted attempt at a music career years ago, where I did actually get to intern at a major studio, but eventually I just went back to school and received a Masters in Computer Engineering. However, I just can't stop obsessing about music.

              Really I would love to be able to eventually just work in music and have a business where I do any combination of produce/compose/mix/master/design audio software/firmware/hardware, and the hours required to head that direction add up - hours I am happy to put in - but add a wife and a 1-year old son to the equation and it just becomes more difficult.

              To the questions, how do you manage to juggle all the things you do and make it all work? Or is it still a constant struggle for you? Do you have any other advice for someone in a situation such as mine?

              - -

                Good morning Warren,
                I was wondering if you could address the tightrope walk of balancing self-confidence with the insecurity that goes along with finding your own creative path. Kind of the ability to shut out the "you can't do it that way" noise that we face everyday. Sometimes I feel it's easy to give in to chasing the sound/style of other established artists/ mixers, while losing sight of our own unique sound.

                For example the more I learned the "right way" the less creative I became. Not knowing what I didn't know at the beginning was actually quite freeing in a way... If that makes sense.
                Thanks for all you do,

                Steve A

                  Hi Warren,
                  What are the differences between how you focus on mixing something that you have also recorded/produced, as opposed to something you are just mixing for someone else?
                  Speaking for myself, I think it would be far easier to mix something that I have also recorded, because I know everything that's in the stems.
                  Stating that, how do you speed up the process of mixing someone else's music?

                  Derek Whitaker

                    Hi Warren. As a Cubase user there are some pretty cool new video/audio tools that let you record people from remote locations anywhere in the world to your local DAW in realtime. There are some other tools out there that are emerging for other DAW's. Is this new technology something you'd consider using as a producer in your own studio?

                    Brian for President

                      LOL It seems that things always break when live, eh? I do a lot of demos/training, too. 😉

                      Anyway, my question:

                      Many articles claim that there is currently not a business model for making anything from streaming (due to fractions of a cent per play, then the cut given to the streaming platform/provider), so people should focus on licensing instead. Thoughts? Do you agree?

                      Thanks Warren!

                      Brian for President

                        Thanks for the answer. Sounds good, Warren!

                        Jared Sherman

                          Maybe it was just me, but I was unable to get on to the hangout. I don't use hangouts much so that might be it. Any more instructions required than what's in the OP here? I clicked the link but it just took me to a description of the event not to the actual hangout.


                            Hi Jared,

                            Sorry, you were unable to watch the stream live.

                            On the event page there should be a video player with a play button

                            That should launch the stream

                            Hopefully, you are able to watch live next time


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