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    Extremely impressed with PLAP and your ability to teach. Best I've seen. Here's my question: My main recording rig is a ProTools HD2 running on a Mac G5. It won't run anything past version 7. For a number of reasons, I want to upgrade to PT 12, and I have a current Mac Pro that will run it. When I first got into PT, I had to have a 192 to run it. I need to buy a replacement interface to run PT 12. At first I was looking at 16 channel interfaces but I'm starting to think that's unnecessary. Couldn't I just make do with a good quality 2 channel interface, say an Apogee Duet, and supplement it with a good quality patchbay? I only ever record one thing at a time anyway, and only use a hardware insert on the 2Bus during mixdown. So no harware on more than 2 channels at any given time during tracking and mixing. Most of my studio investment is in higher end outboard gear like Manley, Crane Song, Mercury--several preamps and stereo and mono compressor units. I don't think I need to spend thousands on a converter if I can have a good signal coming in to a good 2 channel converter through a quality patchbay. I guess I've been conditioned to think I need a lot of channels, but that's not really true for a singer/songwriter recording himself is it?

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