Anders Isberg

    Thanks for the feedback Toby! I've submitted my remix and deleted the earlier mixes. Didn't want to break the rules of the competition. Sorry! You can listen to my submission here: https://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/hollywood-principle-spell-remix-contest/submissions/7df34c20-ff5e-11e5-ae60-0e8b89ba5cff

    Great remix tips Toby. I did at least follow some of those. 🙂 I figure I'm never going to get as good as the real remixers, like our own Brian for President, so I might as well do my own thing. With the Spell remix I had a pretty clear vision from the beginning. I wanted to stay fairly close to the original song and use a lot of the material provided, and try to bring out the dynamics even more.