Jared Sherman

    Hey guys, thank you so much for the positive feedback! I actually just now uploaded an update on this tune, and updated the link. I have gotten so much positive feedback on the previous version I just hope it sounds improved and not worse, lol. I mostly tried to do a little more DeEssing on the lead vocal, adjust the panning on the hi-hat, and a few other things I can't think of off the top of my head. Please do let me know what you think of the new version if you get a moment.

    The primary EQ and Compression for this was Softube Summit EQF-100, Plugin Alliance Elysia Mpressor, McDSP E606, and McDSP AE400. The reverb is all Avid ReVibe II. I just purchased an Avid HDX rig a couple weeks ago, so I am running the session through that card, using Pro Tools HD 12.5. Everything for the mix was done in the box, and I mastered it myself also in the box. As for the process I used, I did a lot of different tricks, some of which came from Warren. I will try to share more of those particulars when I get some more time. Thanks again!

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