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Paul Motion

    Hi Tony, the Soundtoys Decapitator is pretty popular, (I use this a fair bit), as is the Sansamp but that's obviously PT specific. I also use the Brainworx Rockrack. There's a free version which still gives you access to the amp simulations but doesn't allow you to change any of the parameters. There's a free distortion plugin from Klanghelm, the IVGI, which has a really nice tone.
    If you wanted to go for an outboard pedal you could do worse than the Big Cheese from Lovetone.. there's a new version of it called the Cheese Ball. Not sure what that sounds like but if it's anything like the Big Cheese then I would say epic.
    I've also been getting into the Dimebag Darrell collection in Amplitude from IK Multimedia...

    Hope that gives you some tips! 🙂