Percussion is a touch dull. Did you low pass all three tracks? The two 'kick' tracks needs heavily low passing, the 'top' of the percussion not so much.

    There's actually a very nice laid back feel to the backing vocals - they are quite dull - but it sort of works. YOu need more top on the lead vocal, though.

    Equally the guitars are quite dull. You might need to check your monitoring setup. Feels like you're not hearing the hi frequencies correctly in your room.

    Here's a playlist of tracks I use as 'general' reference tracks for mastering. Have a listen to Solsbury Hill via your system and compare it to your mix. Listen to the top on the lead vocal, the shaker and the top of the acoustic guitars in Solsbury Hill. I wouldn't really mix/master the Christina Holmes track quite the same - I think some of the darker treatment suits the 'earthier' feel of the song - buuuut, it's a good enough starting place.


    If they sound the same to you - you have a problem with your monitoring setup or you need to see a doctor about your ears (not joking - genuine advice) - because your mix is very dull right across the stereo image. There is no way you're going to get your mixing right until you figure out what's going on with your monitor setup.


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