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Peter Suoss

    Hi Toby, Mark and Magnus,

    Nice to see that others are participating in this jam.
    @Tobi; Cewl sub bass. I like the sound and fit's nicely with my beat. For me the beat wasn't a must-have, as I have let you know. But it can be used of course.
    @Mark; also a nice small guitar addition that goes with the melody. Thanks. Is it possible for you to add the chords with guitar as well?
    @Magnus; I'm sorry, but as I mentioned before, for drums it wasn't my purpose to add them, but I will add the beat to my project folder in Dropbox. I'll make them as separate waves, so you all can adjust the different sounds to your liking.
    Your drums work as well, separately as well in a mix with both at the same time. And you string part does give fuller feel.
    If the three of you would like some more stuff to add, feel free. Also, if you have idea's about a kind of song structure, or other chord parts, put them up!

    Thank you all for your time and creations, and let us see if someone else would like to contribute in this jam.

    Grtz Peter