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Frequency Painter

    Hey Stu,

    "has a real driving kind of Euro Disco vibe to it,"

    I am from Europe ... and yes Euro Disco, sometimes called Italo Disco is a thing 🙂

    I think both you and Magnus are right. There's some kind of disconnect in mix 1.2 involving the interaction of the BD with the rest. I concur with your view Stu that in some parts at least, and vis-à-vis some elements, the BD is about right. I'll try and shuffle some things around to come closer to the "ideal" levels. I must say that the concept _is_ a dance floor mix, and the original "song" is supposed to be weaved in and out of the pounding drums. So basically, I don't want to loose the drive and punch of it all. This is what happened to earlier mixes twice. I think the best thing I can do is carefully adjust stuff .1 dB at a time and hear what happens.

    "And slightly off topic but good on you Louis for dropping out the Mix Challenge thing."

    Don't get me started on this one hahaha. I agree, these rules are utterly stupid and the more rules, the more this guy needs resources to police them. It just wreaks the positive vibe imo. It's striking that the ones complaining about someone not adhering to the rules are the ones who didn't get selected into the 2nd round. It's just such a bitchy thing to do imo. So basically, when you make a great mix and it's -13.9 LUFS, you're out. This is just ridiculous in the light of the fact that famous mixers like Bob Horn clip the master bus to get a loud mix. I wanted to write a reply to spark an honest discussion, but obviously he's so stuck in his "ancient" views that I just left in protest. I'll tell you what, last time I broke all the rules, I triggered the snare drum, cut up and rearranged some instruments, used a fair amount of master bus processing including a stereo widener, the mix was louder than -14LUFS and no one complained, not even the admin. This is proof that there's no means of imposing these rules correctly and consistently other than arbitrarily "accusing" someone of breaking them (except of the obvious things you can measure like loudness, sample rate and bit depth). Apparently this happened to you. No drum triggering allowed, guitar reamping is allowed. What's the difference? No stereo wideners, but M/S processing is, what's the difference? Ah well, if he wants to impose his stupid out-dated rules, he can (and it's probably why his site isn't growing that much). I got what I hoped for, a spot in the 2nd round (a recognition that I did a fairly good mix). That's all I wanted. I wont go back, that's for sure. I've had enough of this inconsequential madness :-))))