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Rich Zei

    Guys, I understand your frustration and I am KINDA there as well as I get my chops back. I'm one of the many "45 year olds getting back into music" Warren has talked about lately.

    What I was doing was just pulling down on of the multi-track and ONLY importing what I was going to work on (Drums, or GTR etc.) until I got it right to my ears then added the next instrument and mixed those 2 together rince/repeat and not worried about the Feedback Friday. I think I mixed Bullet 1000x in different ways and tones and DAWs even until I was satisfied with the result(well, for now... 😉 ). Then I moved to a different song.

    FWIW That method really worked for me, and don't be afraid to post it up and get pointers from the Academy.