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John Gleason


    I agree completely. I use a Soundcraft LX7II-24 board in my hybrid mixes. It is a general-use analog mixing board that I can load with a DAW template before starting a mix. The mixer channels are already configured for my starting settings for each type of track (kick, snare, bass, etc.), so I find I can complete a first mix more-quickly than in the box. However, the real benefit to hybrid mixing for me has been to focus my attention on my ears rather than my eyes. Staring at tracks and meters on the computer screen was a distraction for me -- now I can just focus on the music. That has also made it easier to use and hear the effect of my limited collection of analog outboard gear.

    For anyone thinking about analog hybrid mixing like my set-up: the analog mixing board is just part of the cost -- I have A/D and D/A converters for 32 channels each (along with a lot of cables!). Everything is widely available used (ebay), but it is still a commitment.