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Magnus Johansson

    I started building my software arsenal just a couple of years ago. After I completed the Waves API bundle just some weeks ago I don´t know what to get next. I have got all the tools I want and more. I highly suggest you make a list what types of tools you want. Demo, demo, demo and make a list of those that you find the best. Save up money so that you can buy the plugins when they are on sale. So far Waves has had more than 180 offerings this year with an average of 59% off. (yes I have them listed! I´m lost, beyond saving:D) Don´t buy plugins paying suggested retail price. Most software houses do heavy sales. There are some exceptions that do very little. What comes to mind first is Klanghelm, ValhallaDSP, Celemony (Melodyne) and FabFilter. There are ways to get Melodyne cheap as well. Klanghelm and Valhalla has very fair pricing. Fabfilter usually has 25% off of bundles once, maybe twice a year. Usually around summer vacation.
    Enter all the mailing lists, follow their social media. Sales are everywhere. Visit/join AudioDeluxe and plugindiscounts. The Klanghelm MJUC compressor is probably the only plugin I have paid full price, and I happily did.