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Adam Ayan

    Hi Johnny,

    Yes, getting good level while retaining musicality - it is not easy!!

    Here is a tip - do not be afraid to treat different sections of the song differently. In other words, if you are getting great level in the Verses, but as you mentioned the Chorus kicks in and you have problems, then maybe you'll have to treat the Choruses differently.

    Also the real big secret - getting it all right in the mix!!

    I do not mean that as a disrespect (I realize you mix and master), but I mention it because I am willing to bet that going back to the mix will make the bigger difference vs. anything that you can do in mastering. I find every mix has a loudness potential, so to speak. Some mixes can take more level with less diminishing returns than others can. Take it back a step and refine, and my guess is you'll get further along.

    Hope this helps!