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Rich Westphal

    Hi pille,,,

    Studio One has many options to use with Marcos, since its earliest versions,,, Did you make this one, and, could you share it ? You could post it in the Studio One Exchange at the Presonus site,,, Or share the link if that where you grabbed it,,, Some may like this one,,,

    I find I do not like to normalize every track... If you find yourself spending more time trying to get the feel of the mix back, Normalizing all tracks might be why,,,
    Thought you might this might help,,,

    With the console shaper, the suggested gain stage is -18db,,, this is common with most emulations of a console.
    Also, since it's a Buss option, that is where I apply the -18db,,, and we're all going to push them just a bit, lol...

    Can't wait to see the plugins that will be offered , just hope I don't have them already, lol,,,