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David Michael

    Interesting. I am just in from work so I'll see if I can get anywhere. I've updated the samples to 1024, although it was either that or 512 at the point I updated. As clicking the play button did not respond at all, I dropped the samples.

    I ran Pro Tools to change the sample rate with a project that had only midi in it and it told me that Falcon was not authorised!! That's not what iLok was saying, unless there was a glitch as its on the cloud - funny, so is my Pro Tools subscription.

    I'll see what happens with the sample change.

    And then I'll look to doing any deletes of the folders. Arthur Bod, did you uninstall Pro Tools before deleting the folders. I assume from what you said that you got delete instructions from Avid?

    Paul Motion I tried running EUCON. Pro Tools fell over!



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