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Timothy Jones

    Hey Chris, fellow Cubase Pro 10 user, and love your channel for Cubase tips and tricks! Btw, there's a new plugin manufacturer, Nembrini Audio, that has developed a VST of the ProTools Sansamp. I bought it and it friggen rules. I think it's better than Pro Tools sansamp. It has more features, such as a random generator, sort of like Brainworx has in their console plugins (TMT). It's much tighter in the mids and I'm loving what it does on bass. They also have LoFi, modeled on ProTools' LoFi plugin. The owner is Igor Nembrini, who worked with UAD and Brainworx. He will be releasing a Soldano SLO100 amp sim soon. I've been emailing with him just tell him it's about time someone came out with a VST Sansamp (i know there is the free AXP thing, but I have never liked the sound of it) and he's been very nice to me. So I'm letting everyone know what a good startup this is, and his plugins are really top notch. Check it out.