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Brian for President

    Hey Anders, I too have the Yamaha HS8s. They seem popular here! LOL

    The HS8s are not nearly as "legendary" as the older and ever-popular NS10s which Warren has (and you see a pair set up at Hybrid Studios in the recent photos/videos Warren posted). However, I have really liked my Hs8s since I bought them, and have found no reason to switch/shop around.

    One thing that the "marketing speak" got right about them is if it sounds good on these, it sounds good anywhere else. This is due to the fact that the HS8s are known to be quite "flat", and don't flavor the sound too much at all.

    This goes along with what @3rdstone was saying/experienced as well.

    Just make sure to read the manual and select the proper settings for the room tuning switches on the back of each unit.

    Happy monitoring!