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Paul Motion

    Wow, what a lot of great info! I’m not nearly as advanced on the colour coding as I tend use positioning in the track list as a guide to what’s where, (I’m in Pro Tools). This usually goes drums, (kick-snare-hat-toms-oheads), perc, bass, gtrs, keys/strings/pads, random stuff, vocals.
    If the track is heavily gtr & vocal driven I’ll move the vocals up after the gtrs. Really depends and as it’s just me working on the mixes at the moment I can be as selfish as I want ?
    Will definitely need to investigate colour coding properly though.

    Always have a master bus with a mono utility and the Air Studios meter bridge plugins across as that includes a decent phase meter. I enable/disable as needed.

    I have a similar peocess to a few folks when starting a mix... full listen through, muting printed fx, panning and adjusting levels whilst we go... takes a few passes though.. certainly not at the speed of someone like Warren!

    I group everything as needed for ease of soloing, (shock horror), and for bussing I’ll usually bus all the drums so I can parallel compress if I want then everyting else is on an as needs basis.

    I’m exclusively on headphones & continuously check in mono.... I have no doubt I can improve my workflow so this thread will be getting alot of hits from me!