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James Gorman

    Have you measured the room yet? A bit tricky in a tracking room though. There are a few room mode calculators out there that will help tell you roughly where your buildup will be.

    I did a bunch of research before settling on pre-made free-standing foam panels from a company here in Australia.* From my readings, using wool superchunks (in forums known as fluffy) will provide better trapping than 703 air-gapped pannels, _but_ if you have any risk of condensation (eg an external facing wall) then the fluffy risks trapping all that inside and going mouldy. That said, so long as your panel face is around 3ft, then 4" of 703 will do a good job. The right corner foam will be better, but alos more expensive. MegaLERD gets a good wrap.

    Here's a couple of the resources I used: <- in this one the widening the panel trap would improve absorption of lower frequencies

    * it's hard to get 703 here and I'm renting so nothing permanent is going up.