Jeff Macdonald

    Hi John,

    Hopefully I haven't missed the window for you being here, but on the chance you are still around thanks for the responses.

    Based on our discussion so far, and thank you very much for that, the control room dimensions that would be most feasible for my build would be: 113" Height x 149" Width x 173" Length

    The overall plan at this point is to have a 3 car garage constructed so the building dimensions would be 38' x 24' and within that I would like to house a lounge, a control room, and a large live room - I want to construct a facility that allows folks to record good drums (we are really lacking such spaces and I hope this tracking room is large enough - perhaps you could weigh in on that as well). I would like to keep the building so that it could be converted back into a garage if I end up having to move and sell so that sort of limits the size of the rooms. So I was thinking that I could design it in such a way that the control room/lounge would fit in the traditional (or at least eastern Canadian standard) single car garage with a 9.42' ceiling and the tracking room in a traditional 2 garage space with a ceiling height to 14'-16' (I know higher is better, but will there be a noticeable improvement with 2 feet of additional height? For some reason 14' lumber is exponentially cheaper here, but I'll certainly spend additional money to improve things.

    I have attached a link to picture of the rough dimensions I have put together in sketchup since I cannot get a jpeg to attach. http://imgur.com/t9qVpgC

    I really appreciate all of your help so far.



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