Rich Westphal


    Thank you for taking the time to help and suggest the best scenario for me...
    I am working with GIK Acoustics for treatments so far,,, Ordered the day after your response, lol...

    Asking the questions here and then reading them back, and absorbing your input, gave me the understanding of what I should do is stay real with what I "need"... I can't get exactly what I want right now and using the larger room, lol, but I do have the capability to lengthen the room just a bit, up to 6 more feet,,, So it's nice to know I do have a space that is more ideal then the smaller room,,, All in due time.
    I also found I needed to add the closet that spans the wall behind me. It gives the room 3 more feet of depth, and brings it to 15'1" x 10'3", which just barely makes the minimum room size, lol,,,

    I also have 2 windows that need curtains. I am grabbing some blankets made with sound absorbing fivers from VocalBooth to go,,, It will help just a little and still look somewhat like a curtain. Purchasing a set of 6 bundle just a smarter purchase and plan to hang one in front of the door. Going to attach a small pulley set up to pull the blanket away from the door when opening, lol... The others can help with the back wall I'm thinking... I might even just use them to hide the insulation rolls as you suggested in the interview to help with the lower mid frequencies...
    A lot of trial and error to take place soon, lol,,,

    The desk will not be a copy of a huge argosy, lol... But it will have a touch monitor to go with Studio One 3 DAW and the center of the desk will have my CS18AI. I'm also building my own speaker stands, and have isoacoustics for the monitors and sub.

    Also I'm keeping in mind what ever I purchase now, for it to be useful in the other room eventually. Ideal situations will need to grow as I grow,,, Worse case scenario I get a great space to record my own music, lol,,, I also have a bedroom about the same size behind this smaller room I'm choosing for now, to record in. I won't start on it for another 2 months...

    Thank you for all the tools and info on your site as well... Adding them to my collective information, lol,,
    And don't be surprised if I send you an email or two, lol,,, You just know to much, lol,,,

    Thanks John,,, Forever forward !!! No matter how far we get set back,,, lol,,,