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    Sergio really nice this stripped back idea is changing the whole vibe of the song. Loved the way you ended the song with the echo delay was thinking how to tame that last chord now all the effects are gone from the orginal mix.

    Draft 2 https://soundcloud.com/mark-h-841120775/acoustic-stripdown-d2/s-CewMi (removed latest draft in most recent post)

    I'm onto my second draft here this is probably more info than you all need (or want) but here you go...

    rough one take recording to see how one might fit mic Sontronics STC-20 small egg shaker EQ HP for room buzz etc, comp to level things out MV2 for a bit of a lift. Send to room verb for the glue.

    opted for the Mic track EQ to remove the click and boost the low end, comp to smooth things out MV2 for grunt ran to a FX channel loaded with Compressor to give a bit more drive. A warm smooth rounded tone is my objective.

    worked out which ones to pair best for stereo import then pan L and R then sent to a bus for EQ HP to clean and move away from bass addition cut as well. A bit of mud removed and clarity boost. Bus is sent to the room verb.

    DI gtrs
    Here I’ve done some stereo imports as well as bouncing tracks down to get them all in with the 16 track limit. Tracks get clean up EQ and expander. Comprssion for peaks. Any sound processing for tracks chorus, beat delay. Automation for volume, panning, and plugin parameters also automated. Tracks are then bussed for some overall EQ and smoothing compression. Again send is to the same room verb.

    Started with just the main vocal a LOT of manual edits for breaths, ess’s and polosives etc (I can still hear some issue’s) the plugin chain is all for smoothing and taming and trying not to loose the feel as it’s a great vocal to start with. Once all the tracks started coming together I felt those harmonies need to be there. So stayed within the 16 track limit while boucing them down, then EQ’d De-essed and added a bit of tremolo. Sent both tracks to a bus for EQ shaping to taste, mainly around a 5k presence boost. The Klanghelm SDDR2 is in desk mode and being used to give a tape feel (as were going old school ) then some plate reverb and a send to the room.

    All tracks are sent to a Mix bus Where the SDDR2 is used in tube mode to add some warmth/saturation a bit of primer for the glue thats in the FAT channels FET COMP before a final overall EQ (vintage style)

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ftuEuLszs8JmBtWbsyT5wJoQ8EPtz-DO A link as a picture says it quickier 🙂

    My next task will be to add some midi drums, this I'll do over the week as there is some learning I will need to do to be happy with my efforts.


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