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Erik Duijs

    No problem Mark, I like talking about this stuff 🙂

    As an aside, I also found that in other cases such as multi-mic'ed kicks that I often get better results just getting them in balance and treat them as one in a bus (EQ, compression etc). Perhaps an explanation is that this prevents phase issues caused by EQ from separate sources, not sure.
    For bass though, I usually still use 1 of the tracks for the bottom-end and get the grit and growl etc from another (high-passed) track to keep consistency in the very bottom end. I also tend to keep the option open to just use one source, for example if the bass player has a great sound in his amp (or a terrible one, in which case I could just go with the DI and go from there).
    But I find managing low-end always a difficult thing and often I just fiddle around until I feel it works, so YMMV of course 🙂