Academy Dashboard Forum Studio DIY Dilemma: stripping a Tascam DM24 or not?? Reply To: Dilemma: stripping a Tascam DM24 or not??

John Gleason

    I understood from your post that you haven't used the DM24 for the past ten years and that you now want to get back into hybrid mixing, right? Do you actually have a use for the parts from the DM24 (including the motorized faders) and what are the recovered parts actually worth to you? Any other value would have to be gained from a lot of parts sales over time on ebay or such. Sounds like a hassle to me. I would opt to sell the DM24 setup as a unit and use the proceeds towards the purchase of whatever newer console you have in mind. As always, YMMV.

    One problem you may have is that DM24 parts, consoles and meter bridges are fairly common (on ebay) and asking prices vary widely. You might want to check out completed sales and see what the actual prices are and how long it took to sell.

    I use what might be called an integrated hybrid mixing approach between the DAW and the console where some functions (i.e. EQ, gain, panning, duplicate tracks, reverb etc.) are shared back and forth. Automation stays in the DAW, so I don't use motorized faders.