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Lee Hawkins

    Hi Cris. I've also mixed a track using Studio One 3.2 Console and as I am from the analog era it's a really interesting concept to me. The fact that PreSonus have opened up the pristine audio engine to third party developers is a major step forward.

    I have do lots of A/B tests and find the low and mids sound great and the highs get as pleasant roll off reducing any digital harshness.

    The fact you can now drive into the red and get analog distortion without digitally clipping is mind boggling. The art with an analog desk is to find the sweet spot when pushing it. This behaves in the same way. I tend to push and then back of slightly to get the best results.

    Mix sounds great Cris. I tend not to use too much crosstalk as when pushed can induce some unwanted phasing. Keep the noise minimal too and primarily use the drive...

    Exciting times mate......