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eX Cess

    Wow, that's a question...

    To me it would be 2 out of 3 Toto song, from 1st to latest album because everything is in there : groove, every instrument playing exactly the right part, great vocal harmonies, overall sound...

    Led Zeppelin albums, especially from album III for how guitars are layered.

    Tower of power, Chic, I also love some Bee Gees disco stuff from Saturday Night Fever, lots going on, great strings arrangements...

    Early Alanis Morissette stuff for the mix between drum machines and real drums, the simplicity and efficiency of the guitar parts.

    Steve Vai for his walls of sounds and (kind of like Zeppelin) orchestral approach.

    Obviously Queen and the Beach boys for vocal harmonies.

    And many songs from the 80's, disco-funk or new wave, for how3/4/5 instruments would play one note or chord, the mixing of the instruments giving a full arrangement that could played by only one (what I call Question/Answer)

    Maybe some trip-hop stuff for drum machines, synth sounds and ambiance.

    For those of you who'd be interested, here's a great track by track breakdown of Rosanna :

    Cheers 🙂