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James Gorman

    Nice one. Always great when things like that turn up!

    A couple of things then that will help fixing the first one:

    * figure out how many types of screws there are and what their sizes are. You have three dimensions: length diameter and pitch (, along with figuring out if it's metric or imperial (probably metric since they're local to me, but...). You'll need this pitch in addition to the other dimensions to get the right screws. If you're friendly with a mechanic they should have a pitch gauge, though it may not go small enough.

    * use the new one to test the threads on the first - if they go in easily with your fingers then you're golden. If they don't go in then there are two possibilities (and you may have both):
    * they are machine screws. The inside of female will look like the inside of machine nut. These will need retapping to the next largest size.
    * they are sheet metal screws. These will have a deeper and longer pitch and go straight into a piece of metal. These can either be tapped as above, or sanded and drilled to accept a larger screw.