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Tony Harp

    I double checked the saffire with a converter cable from my saffire to the firewire card's 9 pin connector, and still nothing. I"m 99.9% positive it is the firewire module in the saffire, its happened before. I thought I could use the Apollo MKII with my current PC, but found out my MOBO won't support Thunderbolt. So, I"m gonna move on to a MAC based thunderbolt setup, which I've always intended, utilizing the Apollo Twin and eventually adding a larger Apollo unit with more pres. I plan on getting the saffire backup and running, as well. I like them alot and don't intend to be with out them forever.

    So now I am on the hunt for the right MAC, mainly in the price category. I'll keep my PC setup as well. Its strong but I'm ready for the advantages of MAC, thunderbolt and pro tools. Stability, and mainly when it comes to using the capabilities of the Slate raven mti2 control surface.

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    • This reply was modified 5 years ago by Tony Harp.