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face (chris) Janton

    Hmmm. I have tried working with Studio One 4 on multiple versions of a song. Imported my latest test band track. Moved some things around. Saved. Created a new version.

    Quit Studio One, opened Studio One, got my latest version. Made some changes (added a T-Racks processor on output) and saved.
    Quit Studio One.

    Opened Studio One. See the latest version. Did a "Restore version". Got something that looked like the original. No plugins, etc.
    Made changes. Added iZotope "Nectar 3" (love it! really!). Quit Studio One.

    OK - back to Studio One - ooooh - it decidedly does not do good things! I get very strange behaviors when switching between versions. Bad Studio One, no biscuit.

    At this point it appears that the "proper" behavior comes from a "Save As..." which saves a new song file. With appropriately named song files one should be able to get to the proper starting point for a session.

    I have no idea what happens if I edit audio (usually I only mess with the regions in Logic Pro X which doesn't change the base audio file) but hopefully there is a clear path here...

    Do some work on a song. Save the song - assume "Song A"
    Do a "Save As..." and give the "new" song a name like "2018-11-08 submitted to SoundCloud".

    Now you can choose to work on the song in the version "Song A" or the version "2018-11-08 submitted to SoundCloud".

    Sigh. So many details. So little time.

    oh, yeah, today I ordered 2 new 4TB disk drives at $80 each. Time to consolidate the archives 😉 Black Friday causes so much work.
    Just updated my iZotope software to Nectar 3, Insight 2, and friends. Paused my Slate plugins that I haven't really used in 12 months...
    Along with the T-Racks goodness of the last month or so I have all the tools I need to keep myself in trouble.

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