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face (chris) Janton

    I am very novice with Studio One, but I do use it. Primary DAW is Logic Pro X. In Logic Pro X there is a concept of an "alternative". The steps go like this -

    1. Make "New Alternative" which gets a name that you can use for the new one...
    2. Rename the previous alternative if you so desire.

    At this point I can select an alternative and have everything setup as it was at the 'stopping point' of the work...

    I use it a lot with set-long recordings of a band. I chop the set up with an audio region for each track for each song, so a bass track will have a separate audio region for each song. Adjust, mix, EQ, whatever for each song. When song is done create a new alternative (for the next track) and "save". Now I rename the previous alternative as necessary, usually the name of the song.

    When all is said and done I can open the project and choose the alternative/song to get to the state where I produced a rough mix. This is very helpful now, two years after I started doing this, since I want to go back to my original tapes and make new mixes. I can jump in to the project, listen to what I had accomplished, and these days simply export the audio regions for a new "song" project that is independent of the master tape.

    Lots of noise fault...I'm trying to explain/examine my workflow of "versioning". What I want to be able to do is work on a song, save the song at multiple stopping points and/or transition points, and be able to step to any point in the timeline and "start over". Preferably without saving 200-300 MB of audio files each time.

    To get to the clearer answer...when I mix a song and send to Soundcloud I always make a new alternative right after I submit. I change the name of the alternative (whatever it was) to "Submitted to SoundCloud - YYYYMMDD"

    I am a serial tool abuser. Have been for 45 years. I will wander through the Studio One world and see if I can make sense of how I would accomplish the same thing as Logic Pro X in the Studio One realm. Always good to know?

    NB - Logic Pro X Alternatives are very much like what I perceive to be a snapshot.